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Drives of Delhi’s Hijabi Biker – Roshni Misbah

Roshni Misbah, Delhi’s only biker who drives wearing a Hijab. Regarding biking she says,”Biking was always in my genes.. I know I wanted to ride.. But then? That was a big question mark, “recalls Roshni Misbah.

(Pic Source -
(Pic Source –

Roshni is 22 year student of Arabic and Culture Studies at the Jamia Milia Islamia University. She first rode a bike when she was in Class 9, now at campus she is known as Hijabi Biker as she wore Hijab while driving.

(Pic Source - Scoopwhoop)
(Pic Source – Scoopwhoop)

Her passion for bikes has nothing to do with her faith and that’s the reason why she wears Hijab. While most of the woman only think about driving bikes and gathering courage whole life, she on the other hand spin the tables and got the ride in her hands.

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