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Easy DIY Clothing Hacks and Tips

There are always a few special must know DIY project that will inspire you and will help you with everyday clothing routine. The most interesting thing about the presented tips and hacks below is that these DIYs are money-savers and handy things you need to know and will help us with all of the dilemmas you have with your bra straps, tight jeans, and uncomfortable shoes.

1. Use baking soda and peroxide to get rid of oil stains. Remember to do this ‘BEFORE’ you wash your clothes, and especially before you dry them. Once you dry an item, the stain is pretty much set.

2. Use a cheap razor to remove pills from sweaters, pants, sweats and anything else that tends to get those horrible little balls. Don’t go too fast; you may cut a hole in your clothes.

3. Sat on a gum? No worries. Freezing the entirety of your jeans can improve your chances of removing the gum. When the surrounding area of the gum is stiff and frozen, you will have an easier time scrapping off the gum.

4. The new pin trend is getting picked up at a really quick pace but are you keeping up? Get some pins that you like and add them to your denims. And why just denims, pin them on anything you think they will look nice on.

5. A slimming trick! Just about every girl could use this. Wear a form fitting tank top between your sweater and button-up shirt to keep your mid section from looking frumpy. This is especially helpful if the button-up is a bit baggy, as the tank will press and flatten it against your torso, hiding bunched up fabric and the outlines of the buttons.


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