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Easy Homemade Crafts by Scrap Material

Art and craft period was the best period during school days. Learning something new was what attracted us. But during that time we made things that were available in the market and were easily made.

But have you ever made any craft out of the scraps that are available? Doing anything as such is called creativity. Creativity is when you turn something good out of nothing. Scraps can be anything that may not be used further and to reuse it to make something attractive and useful is really a thing of ideas.

Here you will get to learn such things that are considered as scarps and can be used to make craft out of it.

  1. Lost sock board is one of the very useful thing that is needed at the laundry room. A board and few cloth clips is all you need for this craft. Just stick the clips on the board and hang the board somewhere near laundry room.
(Pic Source - Pinterest)
(Pic Source – Pinterest)
  1. Wine cork key-chain can be easily made with wine cork that is available when you purchase wine bottles. This will be useful for a longer duration of time.
(Pic Source - Etsy)
(Pic Source – Etsy)
  1. Paper flower is very easy to make and it would look always same.We can use light in it to use it as a light lamp.
(Pic Source - Flowerslab.net)
(Pic Source – Flowerslab.net)
  1. Chalkboard wine bottles are something that looks good and also beautiful when put as a flower vase. Just clean the bottles and wrap it with attractive wrapping papers. The wines bottles can be used as attractive flower vases.
(Pic Source - Homedit)
(Pic Source – Homedit)
  1. Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets are something that is unique and looks very attractive. Just cut the finished up adhesive tape and cut it into half. Tie the thread on both the sides of the tape to make it a bracelet. It will look cool once you wear it.
(Pic Source - Life With The Crust Cut Off)
(Pic Source – Life With The Crust Cut Off)
  1. Paper bowls for keeping something is new and a good idea to make your room attractive. Just dip the papers in water and squeeze the papers and add some glue and just stick it on the outer side of the bowl and let it dry for some time. Your bowl is ready for use.
(Pic Source - YouTube)
(Pic Source – YouTube)
  1. Beer bottles lights are something that will light up your room just little efforts. You only have to cut the beer bottles and fix the small LED lights in it and connect it with the power point. Once the light will be on, your room will be illuminated and give you a warm feeling.
(Pic Source - Pinterest)
(Pic Source – Pinterest)
  1. Homemade candles are something that is handy and easy to be used. Just boil the wax and pour it in the incense stick and let it dry. You can use it for further use easily.
(Pic Source - Mother Earth News)
(Pic Source – Mother Earth News)
  1. Sea shell mirror can be made easily. You just have stick the shells on the side of the mirrors and your mirror will look something very different and your get up will be much beautiful.
(Pic Source - Luulla)
(Pic Source – Luulla)
  1. Jeans wall hanging can only be made with rugged jeans that you no longer wear. Just cut the pair of legs from the jeans and hang it somewhere you need to keep important things into. The pockets attached in the denim pant will do the help.
(Pic Source - Denim Do Over)
(Pic Source – Denim Do Over)

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