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Easy Ways to Feel Unapologetically Confident

1. Speak kindly to yourself.

If you let your inner critic do all the talking, of course she’s going to chip away at your self-esteem. Make a conscious choice to flip the script for the next week and see how dramatically it alters your outlook.

2. Do your homework.

If you have a big school report or job interview coming up, go ahead and over-research and over-rehearse—preparation is the best way to come off as naturally confident on the actual day.

3. Primp away.

We all know confidence comes from the inside, but showing your outside appearance some extra love sure does help it flow.

4. Don’t let mistakes kill your vibe.

When you stutter your way through an important presentation or make a bad call at work, of course you’ll feel off your game for a bit—but remember that slip ups can actually make you stronger in the end, as long as you learn something important from them and let that growth empower you.

5. Don’t take social media too seriously.

While social can be a great motivator and source of inspiration, it’s also easy to feel inadequate when start comparing real life to what you see in your feed.

6. Don’t stop working for it.

Gaining confidence is like building a muscle: It doesn’t happen overnight. The harder and more you work at it, the stronger it will become. But it is work. You have to wake up every day and make a choice to work toward your own happiness. Until one day you wake up and you’re like ‘Yeah I am the sh*t!

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