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Effortless Small Gestures Girls Always Notice and Appreciate-Part 1

1. When you surprise her with breakfast. She’s used to getting up and making herself breakfast, but you woke up a little earlier to have it fully prepared for her to enjoy. If you really want to up the romance then give her breakfast in bed. It’s a small gesture that will take you a long way.

2. Write a love note. I know this sounds a little young, but when a girl is into you, sending her a love note will definitely bring a smile to her face. It doesn’t have to be something intense, a simple note saying ‘I love you’ will do the trick, trust me.

3. Send her a good morning text. When a girl wakes up and sees a message from a guy she’s into, it immediately puts her in a good mood. Sending her a good morning text is a small gesture, but it says a lot. You’re the one who thought of her in the morning the minute you opened your eyes.

4. Do what you say you’re going to do. If you told her you’re going to do something, do it. Now, this isn’t always easy to do, but if you want to turn up the romance, be the guy who she doesn’t have to worry about flaking. Be the guy who’s there when he says he’s going to be there.

5. Listen to her. She may have had a hard day at work or trouble with her family but you’re there to listen. No, you’re not giving her advice and lecturing her, instead, you’re sitting there and hearing what she has to say. Not only is this healthy communication, but she’ll notice.


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