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Effortless Small Gestures Girls Always Notice and Appreciate-Part 2

1. When you show affection. She may love PDA while you may not be too big of a fan. Though you don’t need to stick your tongue down her throat every minute of the day, you can hold her hand unexpectedly, give her a kiss while you’re walking down the street or when having dinner.

2. Give her a back rub. You don’t need to have candles lit and flower petals on the bed. You can keep it casual. But if she’s had a hard day at work, warm up some oil and treat her to a back rub. It’ll surprise her, and, well, she’ll love it.

3. When you’re honest. Honesty is the best policy. But it seems honesty is hard to come by now we’re in the world of technology. Honesty must be present in the relationship if you want it to succeed. You don’t need to be brutally honest, but don’t hide your feelings. She’ll notice your honesty and appreciate it.

4. Make her a bath. Who doesn’t love a hot bath? Most of the time, we’re too lazy to put the bath water on, but why not surprise her with a bubble bath? When she comes home from a day of work, she’ll be able to have a warm bath thanks to you.

5. When you want to meet her parents. She may want you to meet her parents, but she’s too nervous to directly ask you. Yes, she’s made hints, but she’s scared you’ll say no. But if you show initiative to see her parents, she’ll notice this gesture right away.

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