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Effortless Small Gestures Girls Always Notice and Appreciate-Part 3

1. When you do her chores. She needs to hang out her laundry or clean up the dishes piled in her sink. You can surprise her by doing some of her chores. No, you don’t need to become a maid, but every once in a while surprise her by doing the dishes or vacuuming because these are the small gestures girls always notice and appreciate.

2. When you plan date night. You don’t need an extravagant date night for her to enjoy herself. She should love the fact she’s spending time with you. But she’ll notice if you made the effort to plan a special date night. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but you took the time to plan it.

3. When you make her feel safe. I’m not talking about protecting her physically, but more along the lines of emotional protection. She needs to feel safe. A small gesture could be supporting her during a difficult situation or helping her express her feelings. Though these are small gestures, they show her that you care and that she’s safe with you.

4. You can compromise. In a relationship, there are two people. You’re not always going to have your way and vice versa. Compromising is a small gesture but speaks volumes. It not only shows you’re mature but also that you care about her feelings as well.

5. You’re patient with her. It’s not as small a gesture as we assume it is. If you’ve ever had to be patient, well, you know firsthand how difficult it is. Being patient shows her that you want to learn without pushing or forcing her into anything.

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