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Empath? Know yourself!

Being an empath isn’t easy. You can often feel left out and disconnected from people. Knowing the signs of an empath can help you understand why.

Empathy is a major part of life. Everyone needs to have it in order to live life as a good human being. Without it, you’ll end up being a douche bag who’s only concerned with yourself. But having empathy isn’t the same as being an empath. Knowing the signs of an empath can help you figure out the difference.

What is an empath, anyway?

You know what empathy is. It’s the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand why they feel the way they do. An empath is a person who has this ability tenfold. Instead of putting themselves in the other person’s shoes, they become that person, in a sense.

They actually feel what they do. If someone is heartbroken over a family member passing, an empath will feel those emotions right with them. It’s a deeper level of empathy that not everyone has.

The signs of an empath that point to a deeply emotional connection

Being an empath can be really lonely and isolating at first. You don’t know why you feel things so deeply and although you can connect with how people are feeling, it’s hard to get your true self out there.

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