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Epic Moves by Rajinikanth

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad – better known as Rajinikanth. He is an Indian film actor who has acted in numerous films and has a huge fan following across the globe. His immense popularity in South India is very well known and the unique style of acting and dialogue delivery is truly impeccable.

Rajinikanth is the top most actors, in the Indian Film Industry, from the past 30 years and performs excellent acting in emotional, tragic, comedy, dance and fight scenes. He has fanatic fan following of all the ages and he is said to be the combination of ROBBIE WILLIAMS + DUSTIN HOFFMAN+SILVESTOR STALLONE+BRAD PITT….A truly deadly combination. The consistency is also is also on the admiration side, as he continuous acting from the past 40 years and provided consistence performance in all the movies he acted.

We have collected some of the exclusive GIFs of Rajinikanth for you….

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