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Eye Liner Tricks

Eye liner is one of the most basic steps of doing your eye makeup. It gives you the freedom to work on the shape of your eyes, emphasize them and fill in any sparse looking lashes. It depends on the texture of the eyeliner and your preference as to how you’d like to apply this – clearly defined or smudged – it looks great either ways.

1. The first step to decide how to apply your eye liner is to decide your eye shape.

2. Instead of looking straight in the mirror, tilt your head a little while applying your eyeliner.

3. For easy eyeliner application, dot your lashes and join them in small lines to create an even stroke.

4. Tightline your eyes with white or nude liner for effective eye liner look.

5. If getting a perfect line is too challenging, draw a rough line first and then sharpen it with a cotton swab and petroleum jelly.

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