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Falling In Love: The Best Feeling in the World

Falling in love is the greatest feeling on earth. Who is more blessed than having a loved one beside with him or her?
When we are heartbroken, we fail to see the power of LOVE and also we overlook the fact that love is not only fake but it is also an emotion, a feeling and reason to be happy.
I have found out few ways, with which you can fall in love with the right person. Here they are:

  1. Boost Your Self Esteem: If you want to fall in love with the right person, be confident and there one saying, “Fake it till when you don’t have it.” You know, it is only mind game of confidence, your mind is powerful and when you think you are confident, even if you are not, soon you will be. It will help you to find a right match for you. But in the meanwhile don’t compare yourself with others, remember you have your own personality and attributes, what you need is bit of brushing.
Boost Your Self Esteem
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  1. The most Important Question: Why you want to fall in LOVE: See, don’t fall in love coz’ you just wanna showoff, then don’t fall in love. Relax and feel the real reason for falling in love. You feel lonely and need a partner or you want someone to listen to you and boost your self esteem. There is no harm in having a relationship but you should know your motive behind the relationship. Think about it. 
 fall in LOVE
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  1. What are the Specifications you are looking for: It does not mean that you are looking for someone with the specific hair color, job, schooling or family but that’s something different. Look for someone you can TRUST, you can hold hand in distress and who will understand you in the moment of despair.
 Specifications you are looking for
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  1. Socialize: You want to fall in LOVE by sitting in your room. No you can’t, you have to meet people and learn to make friends first. Give your friendship some time and try to understand each other and do things which make you happy. For this go to some coffee shop or book store or online, you never know, who you will meet.
Socialize in Love
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  1. Open yourself to possibilities: As you are socializing, you will come across numerous possibilities like doing some activities like adventure sports or art performance or joining some course there you will meet people and tend to make friends.
Open yourself to possibilities
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Here are the few ways but FALL IN LOVE, IT IS NOT JUST A FEELING OR EMOTION, IT IS BEING WITH SOMEONE but NEVER forget to add element of trust in it.

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