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Fasting tips to follow on Karwa Chauth

1. Include lots of fruits like banana, papaya, pomegranate, berries, apples etc. in the sargi. Fruits have fibre; they fill you up and also provide ample energy to go through the day.

2. Avoid oily and fried foods like paranthas and pakoras in the morning as these are heavy and may make you dizzy. Eat a filling meal like multigrain chapatti with vegetables or paneer.

3. Avoid tea or coffee as both of them tend to dehydrate you later in the day. Instead, drink up a glass of fresh juice, milk or buttermilk. You can also start your day with a cup of green tea or amla juice. They are full of antioxidants that will keep you energised through the day.

4. Avoid mithai/sweets and instead opt for dates, figs or apricots. Too much of sugar can leave you dehydrated and can also trigger hunger pangs.

5. Munch on walnuts, almonds and pistachios. Nuts are a rich source of protein and other essential fats and will leave you feeling full for a longer time.

6. After you have had your sargi, rest for a while. Do not exert yourself too much on that day. Practicing pranayama helps keep dizzy spells at bay. The yoga posture allows you to control your breathing pattern. It helps increase the level of oxygen in the body.

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