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Favourite Travel Hacks

Even for the best of us, who love it more on the road than anywhere else, travel can be hard. Creams can leak into your bags, you can get stuck without battery or wifi for hours, loose or tangle up jewelry in your bag. The routine. It’s time we we make our travel plans smoother minus the mess and the turbulence.

Here are a few travel hacks for your next trip.

1. Iron your clothes faster

Use your flat iron to touch up your clothes when you’re in a rush and there’s no time for the ironing board.

2. Less is more

The best way to travel is to pack exactly what you need and nothing more, besides maybe a couple of extra underwear.

3. Plastic wraps on bottles

Use Plastic Wrap on bottles to avoid spill and the sheer horror that they convert your bag into!

4. Tic Tac Bottles

Use Tic Tac bottles to carry hair pins without having them sneak into every corner of your bag.

5. Deep Pocket Attire

Wear something with preferably deep pockets on the plane—it’ll prevent you from having to dig through your bag for your phone, wallet, and boarding pass every five minutes.

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