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Female body language secrets and what they tell you-Part 1

If you want a harmonious relationship with the other gender, then it takes you looking past what her words say. Instead pay close attention to what her body language tell you. If you want to know how she really feels, then pay attention to the female body language cues that say either happy, sad, or downright pissed to avoid further confrontation.

1. Hands on her hips. Like Custer’s last stand, if your woman has her hands on her hips, that says, “I’m not budging.” Drawing a line in the sand, if you see those hands on her hips, that means she won’t negotiate and she has had enough.

When hands go to hips, proceed with caution going forward. If you make a wrong move, it isn’t going to turn out pretty.

2. She speaks excitedly. If she tells you that everything is fine or okay, but she talks loudly or excitedly, then safely assume that they really aren’t. Women tend to get a high-pitched voice when upset.

Their heart rate rises, which makes them appear more agitated and excited. If you get that response, the best thing to do is back off and not push her buttons. Even if she says everything is okay, the intonation of her voice and the pitch screams caution.

3. She waves her hands around. If she is very animated when she talks, that means it is either something very important that she wants you to hear or that it is very important to her.

Almost like a “look at me,” waving her hands around is a subconscious way to make sure you pay attention. So, if you see this female body language movement, you best pay attention to whatever it is that she says to you.

4. She reaches out to you. If she reaches out to you, then she either asks for your forgiveness or for you to reach back to let bygones be bygones. Even if mad at you, she might reach toward you to find some common ground and calm the intensity of what you discuss.

A gesture of apology, if she reaches for you, just reach back. I promise you whatever the problem is, it will be fine, and you will see an immediate change in her.

5. She rubs her face or brushes up against you. If she touches her face or finds reasons to touch or brush up against you, that means she is in the mood for some sexy time. Girls who touch their lips, brush their cheeks, or find reasons to sit close or accidentally brush up against you, try to tell you that they like you.

If it looks like she is flirting, she is. Don’t worry if she says she isn’t looking for someone, listen to what her female body language tells you. Although, always respect her “no” because it really does mean “no.”

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