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Female body language secrets and what they tell you-Part 2

If you want a harmonious relationship with the other gender, then it takes you looking past what her words say. Instead pay close attention to what her body language tell you. If you want to know how she really feels, then pay attention to the female body language cues that say either happy, sad, or downright pissed to avoid further confrontation.

1. She slams doors or walks loudly. If you don’t get this one, you really don’t get women. If you walk in the door and hear loud walking on the stairs, cabinets slamming, and pots and pans being strewn together, you best be on your best behavior.

You did something to piss her off. Even if it wasn’t you, it is going to befall you. Step lightly and make sure to have a “sorry, dear” in your pocket to squash the flames.

2. Her eyes look like they are on fire. Again, no matter what her words say, if you see a flash of anger in her eyes *like crazy eyes* it is on. A woman with wide eyes, more white than normal, or they are just wide friggin’ open, tells you she let the crazy out of the closet or is about to.

My suggestion is to duck and weave. Do what you can to put the monster back.

3. She hugs herself with arms around her shoulders. If she hugs herself either across the chest or even around the waist, she self-soothes. No, that is not a sexual thing.

The chances are good that her feelings have been hurt either by you or someone else. She tries to make it okay by soothing her own hurt. If you see her hugging herself, that means she feels vulnerable.

4. She moves around without sitting still. If she fidgets while talking to you, then there is a good chance she is either afraid to tell you the truth or worried you will find out that she is lying.

A person who can’t sit still while telling you something usually tells you that what they say isn’t true or they don’t believe it themselves.

5. Her lips look terse. If she purses her lips or her jaw tightens, then she holds back what she wants to say or is upset with what is being said.

Our bodies sometimes do things subconsciously that act out what happens in our heads. If her lips clench, that means she thinks unpleasant things. It would serve you well to stop and listen to what she says.

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