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Five Video Games, Which Tell You How To Be A PRO At Video Games

Most of the video games are habit forming and often we get into habit of playing for the long hours. Every individual has his or her style of playing and also they play in that certain way. For example, some people buy any military shooter game and ends up shooting aimlessly around everyone and one person who think about the planning also plans each attack accordingly so they will spend hours sneaking around, planning and executing each assualt.

So, we have seen two types of personalities who are playing games and most of the games are built so that they can accommodate those habitual behaviour.

We have shortlisted five games for you and they are famously great games in their own rights and also the skills, approaches and ideas makes you a better video game player.

1. Overwatch:

It is a shooting game and also it can help you to become a better shooter. In this, you can become first person shooter and also learn about new weapon types and only thing you need to master is the maps by which you can anticipate from where the attack is coming from.

(Pic source : blizzard)

2. Project Cars:

Both Forza Motorsports and Gran Turismo provide the novice drivers a decent driving aid. Some say that this is a pure simulation for the drivers and other say it is, ‘Game Like’. But for newcomers it is an excellent transferable of racing skills, the range, drive and accessibility of driving experience is excellent.

Project Cars
(Pic Source : bandai namco)

3. Street Fighter IV:

Although it has been in the market since 2008 but the Capcom’s 2008 iteration remains the game to be if you want to learn about the fighting techniques and mechanics. It features all the eight classic street fighter Street Fighters characters and also some newcomers are there. If you spend some time on the SFIV then you will learn the combos and the focus attacks.

Street Fighter IV
(Pic Source : capcom)

4. Rocket League:

The rocket car based game may look initially as the game, which is free for all but when you start then only you will realise that it is a tactically rich team sports. The lessons you will learn from here , will help in multilevel FIFA players and team based online shooters.

Rocket League
(Pic Source : physonic)

5. Super Mario 64:

This is the legendary game from the 90s era and Nintendo has invented the troops and traits, which has defined the 3D adventure games ever since. Playing Super Mario will teach you valuable lessons for the navigating polygonal environment and discovering secret for dealing with enemy. The visual language of Super Mario 64 , is rich and detailed that it will teach you new form of spatial communication.

Super Mario 64
(Pic Source : Nintendo)

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