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Flea Markets of Bengal

Have you ever been to any Flea Market?

Flea markets are the incubators and breeding grounds of entrepreneurs that represents the Free Enterprise System. It is the only place a person can start a business without a large layout of capital and long term commitments. If you are a shopaholic and don’t want to burn your pockets, then flea market is an ideal for you.

Like many other places across the world, Bengal also has so many stops of flea markets. New market(or Hogg market), Hatibagan, Sudder bazaar, Malik ghat flower market, Khoai mela, Digha mohana fish market, Hong kong market, Teesta bazaar are chosen few.

Every solution for a girls problem in a good market. If not shopping even window shopping can have a magical charm. I guess this is one of the reason behind flea markets. Bargaining is just next to winning a battle for the respectable ladies in the flea markets. Products doesn’t matter be it a cosmetic product, footwear, clothes, or nick knacks of the household; everything is available at reasonable prices. If you are fortunate enough then you can end up filling your bags with cheap priced good items. So lets have a look on flea markets of Bengal:

  • New Market in Kolkata is famous for its cheap price and good quality products. It is a famous saying in Bengal that if anything exists then it’s available in New Market-from food for the eyes to the tummy, you will never get disappointed here. The masala market is also famous, you can get variety of spices from all corners of the world at a reasonable price.
New Market in Kolkata
(Pic Source : TripAdvisor)
  • Adjacent to the New Market is Sudder Bazar, a quintessential colonial British street with an Indian twist. Delectable street foods are available to quench the appetite of the foodies.
Sudder Bazar, Kolkata
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  • Next stop is the market of Hatibagan where along with shops of sarees, artificial jewellery, age old bakery shop of Flurry’s you will come across the pet market.
the market of Hatibagan
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  • Malik Ghat Flower Market just below the gigantic Howrah bridge is the hub of fragrance and colours. Different kinds of flowers are available, it is a place to see and feel.
Malik Ghat Flower Market
(Pic Source : Balarka Brahma – blogger)
  • Coming out of Kolkata from the hustle and bustle of city life we see a countryside flea market which is often called a haat in local dialect. Khoai haat or mela near Shantiniketan is a collage of typical Bengali culture accompanied with Bengali folk songs. Blissful ambience amidst the chaos of the haat, different local handicraft items are being sold. The typical country side breeze will give you goosebumps.
Khoai haat or mela near Shantiniketan
(Pic Source : Welcome to the Official Website of Weekend Tourism)
  • Digha Mohona Fish Market, market of sea food. Though the stink of different sea food and fishes will not encourage you to peep in there but the foodie instinct will drag you there.
Digha Mohona Fish Market
(Pic Source : MakeMyTrip)
  • Hongkong market in Siliguri, North Bengal is another of its kind, favourite destination of the middle-class people like us who like to use good products without a hole in our pockets. Inside the narrow lanes, you can find good deals on melamine products, beautiful porcelain tea sets. This flea market is the local market where you can get electronics, shoes, jackets at a very cheap price but of great export quality.
Hongkong market in Siliguri, North Bengal
(Pic Source : SiliguriOnline)
  • Teesta bazar on the way to Darjeeling is a stop for the tourists who can enjoy the view of flowing Teesta River while having hot momos and Maggie. Small shops for the localities are there.
Teesta bazar on the way to Darjeeling
(Pic Source :

Flea markets of Bengal testifies if people get the scope to save their hard-earned money they don’t leave a single stone unturned. Brand name is not necessary, value for money is! It’s a vital part of human culture from Bengal to rest of the world. Flea market is the ancient form of market and is still the most popular.

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