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Food Hacks to use Sour Milk, don’t throw it

I left a packet of milk outside the fridge as I was feeling sleepy and in the morning I discovered the milk, got spoiled. This is common situation with all of us at homes but question arises how to use spoiled milk, so here are some absolutely stunning usage of spoiled milk..

It can be used unless it is ultra pasteurized milk and if it is ultra pasteurized it has to be thrown away immediately:

  • Cream: The curdled milk has cream in it and when separated from liquid part and it can be used in salads and various dishes as cream and dressing.
Milk as a cream
Source – Youtube
  • For face: It is used in clearing face and it is used in some face packs too. For skin lightening and the lactic acid facial go for sour milk and it also makes fades the scars from our face and makes it glowing.
Milk for face
Source – Abigail James
  • Gardening: Sour milk has nutrients that can initiate plant growth. Mix sour milk with water and put it in plants, it acts as a fertilizer.
Milk for gardening
Source –
  • Great as a moisturizer: Sour milk is good for repairing upper layer of epidermis for the dry skin and it repairs it well and moisturize it in the cold winters.

milk as a moisturizer

  • Baking: Sour milk is replacement for cream, yogurt and sour cream and some recipes are made sour by adding vinegar or sour buttermilk so replace them with sour milk…
Source - Haiku Deck
Source – Haiku Deck
  • Cheese making: From sour milk further cheese can be made and all you need four ingredients and a cheese cloth .. The process I will tell you in next article ..
cheese from milk
Source – Scarborough Food Fair
  • Pet food: Pets love sour milk, just milk it with pet food and you dog or cat gonna love it.
Milk as pet food
Source – Soft Rock 98.9

Above are some mentioned food hacks for the sour milk in case it is not overtly pasteurized.

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