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Funniest Moments in Cricket History

Cricket, is one of the most popular game in the world and particularly in Asia. The cricket is a tricky and a skillful game which requires tactics also but at the same it comprises of the funny moments too. There are billions of the fanatic fans in the stands and glued to the TV screens, just to wait for the moment of victory.

All the teams plays with a great effort to win the match but in between the two teams, one is bound to lose. But Cricket is not all about the seriousness; it also contains hilarious moments, words of sledging and much more. Sometimes, we see funny moments in the cricket and that’s why we have collected some of the rarest funniest moments of the cricket, exclusively for you.

Watch it and enjoy as we are giving you a reason to smile and maybe a jitters of laughter….

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#Never Give up…

(Pic Source - sportsgif)
(Source – sportsgif)
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