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Giant Spiders Covering New Zealand, Never Happened Before

It is said that they are thousands of them, literally thousands of them.

When Tracy Maris and her family was spending a Easter Holiday in Gordon Spratt reserve in Papamoa, on New Zealand’s east coast, they could not believe that what will be awaiting them in reality.

It was something gleaming, fluttering and thin strips of white tissue like, they went near it and it was giant spider webs. It was not spun by a single spider but thousands of small spiders were at work, they spun the webs all over the fields and it was reported that it appeared to be a spider nest for a giant spider.

It happened few years back, at that time heaps of giant spiders created this glistening fluttering spider webs, and purpose was unknown.

Initially Maris said that, ‘We were sure that their were no spiders in that but as we walk there were small black dots which we could see, they were the spiders.

After sometime, spider on Maris’s son legs were crawling, then they shoot the close anachid encounter and it was both fabulous and mystery.

New Zealand is only place in the world where, these multi legged creatures are making such an incredible cobwebs. It requires talent and bitsy spiders are using their collective minds to make those amazing piece of art.

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