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Glass Back and Aluminum Frame for iPhone 8?

  • The news is widespread like sand in the dunes, that iPhone 8 will have a glass back apart from having an aluminum casing.
    According to the news reported by the Japanese news outlet Nikkei, the next iPhone ,also known as iPhone 8, will be coming three different sizes 4.7 inches, 5inches, 5.5inches models.
(Pic Source -
(Pic Source –
  • In the previous models, Apple has used the metal casing, iPhone 6,6s and 7 and now the planning is to have glass back and aluminum or stainless casing for the latest launch i.e. iPhone8. It is not the first time Apple has used glass frames, in the iPhone 4 and 4s also has the glass panels and a stainless steel band in-between them.
    Since this add on in the design will make the iPhone look beautiful.
(Pic Source -
(Pic Source –
  • People love Apple and they have separate segment for iPhone fans and they will be highly rejoiced at this news. This design of having glass back and stainless frame is going to be best iPhone ever by Apple. The use of the aluminum casing is to keep the glass panels’ intact. The glass panels both front and back will be supplied by the Chinese firms Biel Crystal Manufacture and Lens Technology and the aluminum frame by the Foxconn Technologies.

  • Will it also lessen the iPhone Cost in India?
    There is no harm thinking that, as in India it is dream to have an iPhone for every individual and moreover the good news is Apple is in talks with the Indian Government for opening manufacturing unit in the country. The manufacturing of iPhone will reduce the cost a bit and we can expect the cost to go down but the company will also need to compensate Government for the cost.

  • If we go into more detailing of the iPhone 8, it is expected OLED Bezel- less curved display and it is also going to have wireless charging. In the coming months, we will be having more clearer picture of the iPhone 8, now it is just like a droplet in the ocean.
(Pic Source - Tech News Inc.)
(Pic Source – Tech News Inc.)

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