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Glimpse of India’s First Lady Flair BARTENDER: Her Life, Struggles and Challenges

(Pic Source - Scoopwhoop)
(Pic Source – Scoopwhoop)

Do you think juggling with bottles, playing with fire and in the end making a drink, is an easy task. No, it is not, in fact it is a tedious one and also involves lots of struggles and challenges. Sometimes in the bar, you might have seen a brilliant display of bottles juggling and the tricks that you are tempted to say “WOW”.

Expert bar tending is an uber cool quotient and you require an expertise, skill set and coolness. All these qualities and much more, are required if you are a woman. If you are women and want to venture into this men only profession, you need more than skills.

Today, we are featuring, Ami Shroff, India’s first bar tending champion, one of the finest flair bartenders in India.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Daily Bhaskar)

So, what is flair bar tending? It is about entertaining the audiences with the tools available at the bar like (shakers, bottles and ice).

Ami, chirping says that she and her friend Delnaz, really found the bar tending profession as  really exciting one. Both were 17 at that time, and want to have some extra bucks and fun apart from college studies.

(Pic Source - Scoopwhoop)
(Pic Source – Scoopwhoop)

About her parents, Ami says they are the coolest parents and they took her job sportingly, when they discovered about bar tending profession.

Only few flair artists were there,”says Ami.

At that time, only few flair artists were present in India and I and Delnaz were the only female artists in India.

The difference between Flair Bar tending and Mixology

“Mixology” is the art of mixing drinks, here you prepare your own creation of drinks and these can be your own recipes also. The more apt way is that, you play with ingredients harmoniously  and Flair Bart ending is the performance, a play with fire, art of juggling with bottles and there is a acrobatic element also added to it.

(Pic Source - yourstory)
(Pic Source – yourstory)

Did you found any prejudice towards its women?

Ami says,” Different people, treat you differently and I am also oblivious to this fact and I want more women bartenders in India”.

Today, aspiring people can learn bar tending in the Institutes and moreover and learn the bar tending profession in the better manner. Ami recommends Bar square in Bangalore and Flairology in Pune.

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