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Goa- Beach Holiday

Goa’s beaches are world famous and so is the freedom of these beaches, far removed from the other conservative beaches in India. Also Goa has very natural beaches where you can feel live shells under your feet indicating very much the non polluted and natural waters in these beaches. Goa is a fun place and most tourists use this to have the best holidays in their life. Music is a tradition that Goa is proud of and there are many cruises where you can spend an evening listing to the local music and drinking and enjoying the sea breeze on a comfortable boat. Goa’s beaches boast of the best in seafood available even in shacks put up on the beaches themselves. For more information on accommodation you could try here or talk to a travel agent for tips and advice on finding cheap Goa hotels and the best holiday homes and vacation rentals, especially in tourist resorts which border Goa’s stretch of coastline.

Agonda Beach

Full of sun and sand, the stunning and quiet three-kilometer stretch of Agonda beach, just 7km north of Palolem beach, is the place where you can find a turtle centre protecting precious Olive Ridley eggs. One of the finest beaches in South Goa, it is ideal for people willing to enjoy the quiet and cozy warmth of the Arabian Sea. Apart from this, a trip to Agonda Beach is a great way to discover new cultures and soak up some Goan culture.

Aguada Beach

No trip to the western state of Goa is complete without soaking in the sun in Aguada beach, one of the well known beaches of the state. Situated in the lap of beautiful natural surroundings, Aguada beach is a lively beach which is one of the most sought after getaways in the state. Aguada’s awesome scenic beauty in the forms of silver sands, crystal clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea, swaying palm trees are a paradise for holidaymakers and nature lovers.

Anjuna Beach

If you are visiting Anjuna beach in the state of Goa for the first time, be warned: the beach has the potential of becoming an addiction. Visitors may come here just for a beach holiday, but once here, they might find themselves amidst something quite different celebration of life. One of the most famous beaches in north Goa, Anjuna beach brims with life drawing people in large number. The beach is a firm favourite with the hippies having beach parties and trance music. During the winter season, the beach comes alive with the parties accompanied by fun and music. The clean white stretch of sand along the crystal-clear blue waters of the beach is perfect for an idyllic walk.

Arambol Beach

If you are in search of a secluded beach in Goa, Arambol is the destination where life proceeds at a polite pace at this isolated beach perfect for leisurely walks. What makes the Arambol beach all the more travel destination is its stunning setting against the backdrop of a hill looming over a freshwater lagoon. The drive up the winding path through the groove of cashew trees leading to Arambol beach is a scenic feast for your eyes.

Benaulim Beach

What makes Benaulim Beach a compelling travel destination is the presence of dolphins. You can take a boat ride to spot the beautiful dolphins. If luck is on your side you, there is a possibility that you may get an opportunity to touch these dolphins. Benaulim Beach is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Different kinds of water sports including parasailing, wind surfing and jet skiing are other adventure activities that can be enjoyed when you travel to this beautiful beach of Goa.

Velsao Beach

A perfect beach to lounge in the sun, palm-fringed Velsao Beach offers the tourists an unhurried pace while on their trip to Goa. They will be blessed with the opportunities to enjoy the typical beach pursuits such as swimming which is safe here. The long stretch of clean golden sand along the crystal-clear azure waters of Velsao Beach is ideal for a walk.


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