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Gray asexuals in relationships

Dating gray asexuals may not be as different as dating asexual or sexual people. You go out, get to know each other, meet each other’s friends and family – you know, regular stuff. Just because a person identifies as gray asexual does not mean that they do things differently outside the bedroom.

The only difference is that sex may or may not be on the table as often as the other person would like. With any new relationship, gray-sexuals will have to discuss their current views with their partner. It is important that they tell their partner what to expect and how they can compromise.

Sex is not necessarily off the table, especially when a gray asexual person willingly chooses to date a sexual person. There’s just more emphasis on the conversation surrounding sex, because one person might need it more than the other.

And the main thing about grey asexuals is that they are more adaptable than asexual people because they don’t identify with asexuality so strongly. Some of them may refuse to have sex forever, but some may decide that they are willing enough to do it for the person with whom they want to be in a relationship.

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