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Gudi Padwa-A Victory of Good Over Evil and some of the Interesting Facts

This festival is celebrated all across India and it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity into a home. On this day, as it is New Year also, it is auspicious to commence new projects and buy new things.

But you know why Gudi Padwa is celebrated, here are some interesting facts about it:

It was started by Chatarpati Shivaji

It is said that Gudi Padwa, is marked as the victory of the great warrior Chatarpati Shivaji and he was first to raise the ‘Gudi’ and it was created by using bright yellow or green colour cloth adored with zari work. This day also coincides with ‘Chaitra Navratri’ and ‘Ghatasthapana’.

(Pic Source –
(Pic Source –

Same festival different names

(Pic Source – Indian roots)
(Pic Source – Indian roots)

This day is marked as the New Year in India and this festival has different names and different meanings:

Gudi Padwa – Maharashtra

Ugadi – Karnataka – Andhra Pradesh

Baisakhi – Punjab

Naba Barsha – Bengal

Goru Bihu – Assam

Puthandu – Tamil Nadu

Vishu – Kerala

Delight for Foodies

(Pic Source – Indus Ladies)
(Pic Source – Indus Ladies)

Delicious food cannot be far from Indian celebration, however on Gudi Padwa, your food spree starts with Neem leaves and sometimes it is mixed with tamarind and jiggery. Then the popular delicious in the picture like Shrikhand and today famous dish, ‘Pooran Poli is also made and ‘Sanna’ which is made up of using sweet potato, coconut milk, jaggery and rice flour.

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