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Gulabi Gang – Women Power

This is gang is working against the widespread abuse and domestic violence against women which common in India. This is founded by Data Satbodh Sain, and was in command of Suman Singh Chauhan.

This group first appeared in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, it was a vision of Suman Singh Chauhan, her friend one day, was beaten by her alcoholic husband and she went to save her friend but she was turned away by her husband.

(Pic Source : Kudos family)
(Pic Source : Kudos family)

“What to do”  Suman thought, that moment only she gathered all the village community and thrashed that abusive husband in front of all. This triggered the idea of forming band of women fighters, who all are “Jhansi Ki Rani”.

Not only this group fights against abusive and alcoholic husbands but also against the other issues like, fair price shops grain distribution and other causes too. This group has observed this black marketing in the undercover form and reported to the local authorities and demanded that the grains distribution should be fair and legal ways.

(Pic Source : Jabberwock)
(Pic Source : Jabberwock)

If you are mistaken about the name “Gang” and might be thinking that it is some sort of Gang war, it is not but it is walk towards justice for abused and oppressed women. The women of this gang wear pink saris and carries bamboo sticks instead of weapons which people carry against violence and end up getting more violent.

In 2014, Hindustan Times reported that there are around 270,000 members of the gang.

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