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Habits of Incredibly Happy Women

1. Happy women make it a habit to maintain routines.
When you know what to expect from your day, simple things make it joyful. A friend showing up at the exercise class you always go to is happy. A stranger opening the door for you during your grocery run is, too. Your kids being ready five minutes early brings a smile to your face. When you know your routine well, you know what to realistically expect from it, how to maneuver its challenges and how to find joy within what pops up in it.

2. Happy women make it a habit to look for the goodness around them. When you train yourself to look for the good around you, you see it. You see someone smiling at you, starting a conversation with you, being a friend. When you make it a point, a habit, to notice goodness, it lifts you. It makes you happy, if you will.

3. Happy women make it a habit to be open to newness.
This world is so big and so wonderful and so rich of things to try and learn and do. When we say yes to simple things like new foods, important things like new friends and everything in between like new book genres, new tasks and new experiences, our endorphins increase and our our happiness rises with them.

4. Happy women make it a habit to lift others up.
Telling someone else that you like their shirt, their hair looks great, they’re a great mom, they rocked a presentation or their work gave you chills, it feels good — happy — on both sides.

5. Happy women make it a habit to remember that nothing lasts forever. This mantra makes the bad stuff feel bearable and the good stuff feel golden.

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