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Hair Colour Ideas According To Complexion

Which hair colour to choose between blond or brown, red or copper or any other new colour of the season? This is a confusion every girl faces when they go to try new hair colours for the very first time. Every hair colour is different from the other and every hair colour needs specific skin tone to give out that extra glow.

But how will you choose among the variety of hair colours that are available in the market as which one is yours. This is tough to decide as to which colour will compliment your complexion and which one will not.

So to get the best hair colour for yourself this write up is there to help you out. All you need is to follow is the instructions given so that you can land up into something really good and attractive personality for many.

  • Brown colour: Brown is the colour for Indian beauties. The hair colour is available in various types of brown shades, but it should be your call as which colour to choose. The dark chocolate brown colour is the best for warm skin toned women. Other brown colour will also suit on any Indian skin like mahagony or chestnut shades.
Brown colour Hair
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  • Red colour: Indian skin tone really doesn’t go that well with red colour. While choosing red colour for yourself, keep in mind to choose wisely so that you don’t end up looking way too different from what you have thought. Go for red colour if only you are fair skinned. Try light red or copper red for your fair skin.
Red colour hair
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  • Burgundy colour: The burgundy colour is the best colour for any Indian skin. You want to go bright or funky or professional, burgundy is the colour for you. It looks really pretty and attractive on any skin tone. Burgundy comes in colours like yellow, olive or dark and suits all the skin tone very perfectly giving you that rich, versatile and attractive look.
Burgundy colour hair
(Pic Source : Hair Orders)
  • Golden colour: Golden is a colour for fair skinned people. Sorry to say that, but dusky skin tone should omit this colour if they want to not look bad. Golden is found very rare and the colour goes well with wheatish complexion people. Golden colour is also used to highlight the hair with streaks and tongs.
Golden colour hair
(Pic Source : Organic Hair colors 2017, Trends and Ideas for your hair)
  • Variant colours: Trend is what people follow. Colours like green, purple, blue, orange are flavour of the season and so people are experimenting with their look. All the funky colours look great on Indian skin tones. It enhances the beauty of a person and makes them much more attractive. These solid colours are for those who are free spirited, carefree and bold enough to challenge the world with something new every time.
Variant colours hair
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  • Blonde colour: Few shades of blonde colour goes well with Indian skin tone. You need to pick the exact shade to give yourself an all new look. Platinum blonde looks great on cool skin tone. This is the lightest version among the blonde shades and can go well with Indian skin tones. All you need to do is choose a perfect one from the shades given to you.
Blonde colour hair
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  • Honey coloured highlights: If you are having natural tan skin then you should definitely go with honey coloured highlights. This colour really composes well with all the Indian skin tones. Even this colour if applied on wavy hair can give you a voluminous look along with making your hair shiny and warm in looks. You can get this done from any hair stylist only.
Honey coloured highlights Hairstyle
(Pic Source : The Right Hairstyles)
  • Dark Copper Colour: Having a white skin tone can do the justice to this dark copper colour. This can never go well with dusky or tanned skin. Try not to apply it if you are don’t have porcelain white skin tone.
Dark Copper Colour hair
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  • Hologram colour: A combination of some great vibrant colours that can suit your skin tone (whichever it is). The colours used in this hair colour are inspired by rainbow colours. The platinum base gives that extra shine and glamour to the hair.
Hologram colour Hairstyle
(Pic Source : Hair Colors Ideas)

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