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HAPPY ROSE DAY: Each Rose has a Meaning

One should express his or her love, daily to the beloved but sometimes we have special day and week i.e. Valentine’s Week and the valid reason to express love. However, in the Valentine’s week every nation is completely gripped and some countries have declared it as a Holiday. Holy Christ, Love is celebrated with splendor…..

Valentine week is a lovey – dovey 7 day affair and it is time for the first day, Rose day, romance season starting on the cards.

But do you know, each rose has a different meaning so read this before picking your bunch:

  1. Red Rose

It is undoubtedly expression of love. It gives a message of love, longing and desire.

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  1. White Rose

It refers to purity, chastity and innocence. It has two meanings while giving – one is beginning of the relationship and another one it also refers to end. So, beware before giving, on which side you are.

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  1. Yellow Rose

It refers to friendship, give this rose to your friend and she will be happy but at the same time, it has another meaning too – Infidelity.

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  1. Pink Rose

It is sign of grace and admiration. It refers that the person you give is full of grace, joy and gratitude.

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  1. Orange Rose

The bright coloured orange roses give a fiercer emotion, an emotion of passion and energy. Couple it with the red roses and see the message of love and passion delivered strong message.

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  1. Lavender Rose

A rare rose, it gives a implication of Love at First Sight ..

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  1. Peach Rose

This is a modest rose and soft colour that soothes our eyes. It delivers a signal of first blush, that is due to love at first sight..

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