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Hawaii Judge Blocks Trump ‘Travel Ban’, He Vows to Fight Back

It was going to take effect in hours but it seems that Trump decisions are not accepted by the Hawaii Judge and he blocks the travel ban.

In the hearing, there were arguments on the travel ban on the basis of the nationality. It was basically discrimination on the basis of the nationality, which was not acceptable to Hawaii Judge.

(Pic Source : times)
(Pic Source : times)

Trump signed a new ban on March 6, in order to overcome the chaos and the mass protest across the country. It has to be noted that more than half dozen States in US are trying to stop this ban; federal courts in Maryland, Washington States and Hawaii are hearing arguments on this.

Hawaii also said that this ban would stop the residents from receiving the relatives from more than six countries. The state says that ban would harm the tourism and the inflow of the foreign tourists and workers in the nation.

In his statement, Attorney General Bob Ferguson said that new ban will definitely harm the Universities, businesses especially Tech companies and residents.

One more thing is that it also violates the First Amendment, which bars Government from favouring or disfavouring any religion.

So, it seems all is not well in the Trump Territory.

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