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Health Tips : Your Child Shouldn’t be Consuming these Drinks

Mankind is becoming very concerned about their living habits. Staying fit and healthy is what they truly believe in. Practicing and leading a healthy life begins with the food we consume. Consumption of good food is very necessary for every individual person.

Kids are most affected with intake of any unhealthy food material. It is important for a guardian to take good care of a kid in terms of what he or she is eating. Eating unhealthy items can hamper their entire food process system for long. In such a case, you as a parent should have a clear idea of what your child should consume and is it good for your child or not.

There are few things that should never be allowed by any child to consume. Some beverages fall under this category. Soda and soft drinks containing carbon dioxide are the most important drinks that should be kept away from any kid. They are nothing less than poison for any youngster. Let’s know about soda, soft drinks and its harmful activities.

  • First and foremost demerit that soda has that it is addictive like drug. The beverage contains caffeine that is said to be the most used mood altering drug in the world. This is a kind of drug that produces physical dependence. This addictive nature of the drink is of one of the biggest danger that can affect the stomach of kids largely.
Soda drink
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  • The other bad property of soda is that it does not have any nutritional value. This is same for the case of any soft drink. Soda and soft drink do not contain any nutrition that can help in building the body. It can only help in increase of calories and can contract the appetite. In case of children, the contraction of appetite is high, making it difficult for them eat or consume anything else.
Soda and soft drink
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  • Yes, the other big harm in consumption of these kind of drinks are that they are making the brain of children weak in many cases. Soda contains chemicals that are altering the brain to grow. MSG is a part of it and it damages the brain cells to a large extent.
Lemon Soda
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  • If your kid consumes soft drink or soda on daily basis then they are sure to destroy his or her teeth very soon. Soft drinks contain sugar content and sugar is not at all a healthy product for teeth. Citric acid is also a part of these beverages and phosphorus that plays a major role in decaying the tooth in no time. Even tooth erosion can also happen after some point of time.
Soft drink or soda
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  • Weakening of bones is yet another demerit of such beverages. Our bones need calcium to stay strong and these drinks contain phosphorus that is a major ingredient in soda is harmful for bone when in disproportionate levels in calcium. It is often seen that kids who drink such drinks stay away from calcium rich beverages.
drinks contain phosphorus
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