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Hidden Secrets of Facebook and WhatsApp

Some interesting hidden secrets about WhatsApp and Facebook are:

WhatsApp Secrets


1. Add dates to your calendar:
If you are using your WhatsApp with an iOS device, then the dates discussed during your WhatsApp conversation gets highlighted with a blue line and if you click on it, the date is saved to your calendar.

2. Send and receive files between your computer and phone
Do you know that you can self-message the files you want between the WhatsApp web desktop application and mobile app? Yes, the simplest way is to create a group with your friend and then delete them from the group. Thus you can share your files.

3. New typewriter font usage
WhatsApp supports new fonts in chats. This can be done using the symbol “`”. Place the symbol three times before and after the word to change its font. For example “`hey“`. This symbol is available only on Android keyboard. Hence to do this on iOS device copy and paste the symbol.

4. Read messages without blue tick
If you want to read a message without knowing the sender that you read it there’s a way to achieve that. Yes, without changing any settings you can do it. It is a simple trick. When you a message, simply close the app completely without even opening the preview and activate airplane mode then read the message. After that close the app completely and then move back to general mode. It’s simple.

Facebook Secrets

facebook1. Snooping in your account
You can have control on where and when your facebook profile has been used. You can monitor login sessions. This can be done by selecting on Settings -> “Where you’re logged In”. Here all the information of your active facebook log-in of desktop and mobiles will be present.

2. Make facebook page upside down or in pirate speak.
Even most of the daily facebook users don’t know this feature of facebook. This was introduced when there were dominant pirate attacks taking place. This feature can be enabled through settings-> language-> and select English (pirate) or English (Upside Down).

3. Download a copy of all your Facebooking
Do you know that you can make a copy of all the events you do on your facebook? Everything includes posts, images, likes, and shares. This copy can be done through Settings-> General -> Download a copy of your FB data.

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