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Hindi Medium Trailer : Angrezi Zubaan Nahi Class hai

Comedy and message, how Indians are obsessed with English Medium Schools

Irrfan and Saba have message for you in this movie…

Watch it’s trailer:

‘Humne socha agar hamari bacchi english medium school main padene lag jayegi toh hi-fi ho jayegi, toh humne uske admission ke liye sab kuch kiya’, this is the crux of the movie.

The look of Irfan and Saba will definitely impress the audience and the movie is about obsession of English medium in India.

In the movie, it is clearly depicted that Indian society is still driven by English mania, i.e. everyone like to converse with the person who speaks English fluently and this has become a status symbol.

In the words of Martin Luther King, it is said that, ‘English is a medium of conversation not a status symbol’.

But it looks like we have long forgotten the struggle for Independence and British Raj and still clinging on to our slavish mentality, we need to break our shackles and respect our national  language, Hindi in the first place.

In this movie, it shows that, ‘Angrezi zaban nahi class hai, yeh baat bilkul sahi hai zanab, wakayi English nahi class banti ja rahi hai.’

This movie has a social message attached to it and it is directed by the director Saket Chaudhary, who is Pyaar ke Side Effects fame scheduled to release on 12th  May.

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