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Homemade Eco Friendly DIY Holi Colours

Homemade colours have their own texture and doesn’t do any type of harm of our skins, as the chemical colour does.

It often contains various chemical like Copper Sulphate which is the main ingredient in green colour, it causes temporary blindness.

Lead Oxide, main ingredient in black colour and it causes renal failure and skin allergies.

Like this, there are so many chemicals, infused in the colours today. But we are giving you magical recipes of DIY colours at home.

Make it and spread colours and joy in everyone’s life on this Holi day…

1. Red Colour

Red represent both sensuality and purity in Indian tradition and this is most significant colour in India. It is interlinked with marriage and childbirth too.

How to make red colour – By drying Hibiscus flower and powdering it in the blender your colour is ready and you can both use it dry and wet.

(Pic Source : Pinterest)
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

2. Green Colour

As we all know, Green represents happiness and health

DIY for green colour – Mix Henna powder with flour and your Green colour is ready.

(Pic Source : My Little Moppet)
(Pic Source : My Little Moppet)

3. Yellow Colour using Marigold Flower or Turmeric

Yellow signifies vibrancy and learning.

You can make yellow colour using turmeric powder or dried marigold flowers.

(Pic Source : Womens Affair)
(Pic Source : Womens Affair)

4. Blue Colour using Neeli Gulmohar Flower (Dried)

Blue is the colour of bravery and determination and Lord Krishna’s colour is also blue.

How to make Blue colour – By drying Neeli Gulmohar flowers and making powder of it.

(Pic Source : My Little Moppet)
(Pic Source : My Little Moppet)

5. Brown Colour using Henna powder and Amla powder

One can make brown colour by using Amla powder and Henna powder and it has no side effects too.

(Pic Source : ConspiracyBoutique)
(Pic Source : ConspiracyBoutique)

6. Purple Colour using Beet Root

One can make purple colour at home by boiling 1 or 2 kg of Beet root, and then simmering it.

Your wet purple colour is ready.

(Pic Source : My Little Moppet)
(Pic Source : My Little Moppet)

7. Black Colour using Amla and Black Grapes

Black is essential and the way to make black colour is by using dried Amla powder and grapes.

(Pic Source : Source - rediff.com)
(Pic Source : Source – rediff.com)

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