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‘Honesty is Bigger than Needs’ Taxi Driver who Surprised Everyone with his Honesty

In today’s life, every person wants money for living good lifestyle and secure future. And when a person found huge amount suddenly without any effort, that person start thinking to use that money for his own purpose. But an honest person never think to use that money. A taxi driver, Debendra Kapri have set an example for every human.

Debendra Kapri
(Pic Source : ScoopWhoop)

Here is the Debendra Kapri’s prodigious action has surprised everyone…

A Taxi driver, Kapri, picked up a passenger, from IGI Domestic Airport and dropped him in Paharganj area. After sometimes he noticed that passenger forgot his bag in his taxi. He started searching that passenger in paharganj area but couldn’t find him then he informed to taxi union. The taxi owner and he went to IGI airport police station. He narrated whole situation to police.

According to reports the bag has gold jewellery, laptop, an iPhone, camera and US currency total worth Rs 8 lakh and other important documents like his passport and visa papers, said DCP (Airport) Sanjay Bhatia.

The police found a wedding card when searching bag. A phone number was mentioned on its back. They immediately called on that number and that number of passenger’s brother’s mobile number. Finally police got passenger’s number and identified owner as ‘Mubisher Wani’ and apprised to collect his belongings.

“Debendra has a Rs.70,000 debt” revealed:

After this incident, he started making headlines across the media. People began lauding his exemplary act of honesty despite the fact that he had a loan of Rs 70,000 which his father had taken for his sister’s marriage.

When I started receiving calls, some people appreciated me by saying that you are honest despite being from Bihar,” he said.

Debendra Kapri
(Pic Source : ScoopWhoop)

Radio show changed his destiny

When his story was noticed by RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi, a popular radio channel then he decided to take up his cause. He started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for his loan. Within an hour, they raised more than Rs 91,000 for him.

Debendra Kapri’s statements

“I am very grateful to all those who supported me,” he told. He is hopeful that he will soon get the raised amount in his bank account so that he can pay off his loan.

“Such mistakes can happen to anyone. But as a driver, we all should be honest in our customer dealings. It sends out a right message,” he said adding that he got Rs 1500 from Wani as an instant ‘reward for his honesty’ when he returned the bag.

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