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Horror Places of South India

South India is the place close to nature and it is highly known for its serene beauty and tranquillity. Every traveller or tourist wishes to visit places of south India once in their lifetime. Oceans, nature, water, culture all are served in one platter if you visit south India.

But along with the scenic beauty, all you can get at some places is horror stories attached with them. There are some places in south India that can be counted among the haunted places of the country. Everyone may not be very aware of these haunted places. Let’s take a ride to those places where you can meet the horror part along with nature’s solace.

Ramoji Film City based in Hyderabad is said to be one of the haunted place of southern part of India. The hotels at the entrance of the city are believed to be haunted. Paranormal activities are also witnessed by many people who reside nearby or inside the film city.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
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Golkonda Fort of Hyderabad is another place that is said to have spirits in it. The place where once diamonds were found has become the home of ghosts. People have felt some unnatural activities when they visited the place. This is the reason that slowly the place is losing its tourist numbers every year.

Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad
(Pic Source : history of india – blogger)

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu was the home of Veerappan for many years. After his death, the local residential people were able to feel the horror side of the place. Tourists also could make out some paranormal activities doing the rounds.

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu
(Pic Source : Tamilnadu Tourism – blogger)

Terra Vera Building of Bengaluru is also a haunted place. Screams, noise, piano sounds come out of the house every time someone comes near to it. It is said to be the house of two Anglo Indian sisters who lived there, were stabbed to death and later buried in the same house.

Terra Vera Building, Bengaluru
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Kalpalli cemetery, Bangalore is located at old madras road is said to be spooky and haunted. People have seen ghosts. A man like figure is said to be roaming around the place at odd hours. The place is also called St. John’s Cemetery.

Kalpalli cemetery, Bangalore
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Khairatabad Science College located in Hyderabad is a clear creepy place. Passerby has witnessed walking skeletons, sparks and disturbing noises quite often. A security guard was appointed for the place, but he died mysteriously which made the place more haunted for locals and people who know.

Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad
(Pic Source : Grabhouse)

De Monte Colony based in Chennai is said to have spirit of John De Monte who have built the entire colony. The colony is said to have 10 identical houses and people nearby find some spooky things happening. The missing of security guards is also a way to make people believe that the place is in the haunted list.

De Monte Colony, Chennai
(Pic Source : Fear And You)

The beach road stretch from Sagar nagar to Gitam University of Visakhapatnam is also included in the list. The long road is said to be spooky for the previous affairs like rape and murder, robbery that happened in the road. People fear this road and try not to use it quite enough.

(Pic Source : South Report)
(Pic Source : South Report)

Kundanbagh Witches Lair located in Hyderabad is another haunted place. The place was found by the thief who went there to steal things by found the dead bodies of the owner and his family members. People from neighbourhood said some different story. The nearby people said that they saw the family members in the house last day even whereas the reports state that they died 3 months ago.

Kundanbagh Witches Lair, Hyderabad
(Pic Source : Vision Express News)

Ravindra Nagar, Hyderabad is another spooky place. The place is believed to have some spirits residing there. The series of suicides in 2012 has made this place haunted one.

Ravindra Nagar, Hyderabad
(Pic Source : Fear And You)

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