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How Do Guys Get Emotionally Attached?

Relationships are much more complex than we like to think they are, and sometimes it can be a real challenge in figuring out the truth. You probably want to know how do guys get emotionally attached because you’ve been seeing a guy or are in a new relationship.

Now, an emotional attachment is one of three forms of attachment. Friend attachment is when you both care about each other in a platonic way. Physical attachment is when you both find each other attractive and act on it. Lastly, there’s emotional attachment.

1. You feel a connection.

Before anything, you know deep down if there’s a genuine connection or not. If you feel a connection, then you should act on it. But, if you have a feeling that he’s just here for a good time, not a long time *sorry for the song lyrics*, then maybe it’s time you double checked with yourself if this is a good idea or not. Because if you’re going to put effort into this, you want it to be reciprocated.

2. Be a support system for him.

If you want him to emotionally attach to you, show him that you can be his support. Of course, he needs to reciprocate this as well. But, no one emotionally invests in you if they don’t see you as someone who will support them through thick and thin. They want a partner, not just a friend.

3. Talk to him.

If you want him to emotionally attach himself to you, communicate with him. Remember, communication is essential in every relationship. But the way you communicate to him also matters. You need to be honest and open with him when talking to him, that way, he feels that he can trust you and emotionally invest in you. Everyone is looking for stability in a partner, so show it.

4. Be vulnerable.

Ugh, I know, vulnerability is a scary thing. It’s always easier when someone else is the one stepping out of their comfort zone and opening up, but listen, if you want him to emotionally attach to you, you’re going to need to do this. It’s the only way you make the next step in the relationship. If you open up, he’ll feel more comfortable to do the same.

5. Think about how you argue.

We all end up in fights and arguments at some point, whether or not the relationship is serious or casual. These can be small arguments or explosive ones, but what you should focus on is how you recover from them.

It’s not the argument that will make him drift away, it’s how you come out of it. If you want him to emotionally attach to you, then you need to argue the right way.

6. Let him be vulnerable.

We have a tendency to quiet men who want to show vulnerability. Plus, our society has this mentality that men should ‘be strong’ and ‘not cry’ – which is really stupid. Because at the end of the day, woman or man, we’re emotional beings.

He may feel safe and secure enough to open up to you and show vulnerability. If he does this, he’s expecting you to respect him and be empathetic. If you want him to emotionally attach to you, when he’s vulnerable, be understanding.

7. Show gratitude.

When we like someone, we go out of our way to show it. If he goes out of his way to do things for you, show your gratitude and appreciation. He’ll love the fact that you notice what he’s doing for you. If you don’t, this is a huge sign that you’re entitled and selfish, which are keys things people look at when finding a real partner.

8. Be spontaneous.

Relationships are serious enough as it is. Just the idea of a relationship is boggled by seriousness. But, you shouldn’t think of your relationship as something super serious. Of course, it is serious since you’re committed to each other, but make it fun and spontaneous. Regardless of how long you’ve been dating, try to keep things spicy.

9. No games.

We think playing games are the way to get a person attached to you, but they’re not. Sure, it works in the short-term but not in the long-term. If you want them to emotionally attach to you for the right reasons, then don’t be manipulative. This never works because eventually, the real you will show.

10. Be intimate.

Now, you don’t need to be physically intimate with someone in order to emotionally attach yourself to them and vice versa. In fact, in the beginning, it’s probably better if you didn’t get intimate right away

Having sex with someone is easy, but being emotionally intimate is not. If you don’t bring together the emotional and physical intimacy then there won’t be strong emotional attachment. But, you don’t need to rush this. In fact, take time before connecting the two together.

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