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How guys can look desirable?

Sexy is not a sleazy word but in fact how you present yourself in front of the world. If you are sexy, it means you are well being prepared to perform any task at your desk with all your passion and love. But, mostly what comes in the mind when you hear sexy, is how seductive and alluring you are in looks and Some where it’s true, In today’s modern life every wants to look smart, dashing and Sexy too especially “The Planet Beauty“, Girls! They always dies to hear the word “SEXY” as a Compliment from her boyfriend because girls are really possessive about looks and want a boy opinion on their selves, how they look and it’s an extraordinary milestone for girls to hear the two words “Hot” and “Sexy” as a compliment from the universe. Nowadays, same goes for the boys too, they even want to look sexy and flaunt their styles.

Some handy tips for you:

  1. Hairstyle

If you interact with someone the first thing being notice is your hairs, and to look sexy your hairstyle should be trendy and stunning which enforce everyone to say “SEXY”.

(Pic Source-orhidea-studia)
  1. Attire

Your dressing sense must be different and stylish, because clothing depicts your standard & style too. A gentlemen is always sleekly and stylishly dressed.

(Pic Source -
(Pic Source –
  1. Talking style

The way you talk really matters a lot! In short I say “You can never remind face last long but the way someone talks will be last long in your mind”!

(Pic Source - Godigio)
(Pic Source – Godigio)
  1. Sunglasses

In olden  times,  sunglasses used to protect eyes .But now it counts in a fashion, and trendy fashion is sexy, Right!

(Pic Source - Panama Jack)
(Pic Source – Panama Jack)


Yes! Having good physique is also sexy; in easy understanding good physique is a compliement in itself and always girls swoon over your hot physique.

(Pic Source - Pinterest)
(Pic Source – Pinterest)
  1. Beard

The biggest trend going nowadays is having beard. Beard says a lot about your and it become a must catching part of a boy fashion life & nowadays Sexy too.

(Pic Source - Grooming mail)
(Pic Source – Grooming mail)

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