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How Long Do Condoms Last?

1. How long do condoms last?

The majority of condoms are made of latex which is a rubber-like material. On average, commercial latex condoms last four to five years from its manufacturing date. That is, if the condom is stored properly.

Condoms, even stored properly, degenerate over time. They become brittle after  its date of expiration. It is not advisable to use it then.

2. How long do opened condoms last?

Upon opening, the best quality commercially-produced latex condom is still usable for eight to ten hours after opening depending on temperature. Opened condoms dry up and lose their elasticity making them brittle when used some time after opening.

3. Do certain types of condoms last longer than others?

There are different condom types each designed with additive material for a specific purpose. Each of those materials has varying shelf lives which makes certain condoms last longer than others. By far, latex condoms have the longest shelf life amongst other types.

**Condoms with spermicides – lasts two to five years. Its spermicidal content doesn’t last long, shortening its shelf life compared to regular latex condoms.

**Polyurethane condoms – polyurethane is a material used as a latex substitute and caters to those allergic to the latex. Despite a safe alternative, polyurethane condoms are physically less durable and more susceptible to heat damage compared to latex.

**Other non-latex condoms – aside from latex and polyurethane, there are other exotic condoms out there made up of organic material such as animal intestine. These types sacrifice shelf life for a unique sensation during use. That’s why their shelf life is shorter than normal condoms.

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