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How Rich People Live In Dubai

Billionaire lifestyle – How people who are rich live in Dubai?

Dubai is a rich and expensive city and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. It is located in the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and also it is the capital of UAE. The chronology of the UAE- United Arab Emirates is that 7 Emirates makes one up one country.

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Dubai serves as the capital as well as the Emirate. Dual role for Dubai, it has also emerged as a global city and the business hub too. The capital has Western Revenue structure and the economy is mainly benefited from the tourism, aviation, and real estate and financial services. It is a myth that Dubai has earning through oils, basically it only contributes 5% of the total economy of Dubai.

In the year 2012, Dubai was voted as 22nd most expensive city of the world and most expensive city of the Middle East.

(Pic Source- Dubai Yellow Pages)
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