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How to discuss your asexuality with your partner

Here are some tips to remember if you are grey-sexual and your partner isn’t.

1. Explain to your partner what asexuality means. This is the best place to start. There is no way to side-step that fact. Tell your partner why you identify with being gray asexual as a start.

2. Give them some time to breathe. Some people can’t handle this type of information in one sitting. If your partner needs it, give them some time to think about what you’ve just told them. Give them some resources to read if you think it will help.

3. Ask them how they feel about it. Once they’re ready to talk about it again, you need to consider their feelings on the matter. This revelation is not just about you, it’s about you two and your relationship.

4. Tell them what you’re willing to give in case you get serious. By now, you’ll know what it is that you’re expecting out of the relationship. Let your partner know and allow them to process it.

5. Ask them what they’re willing to compromise on as well. Sex is usually the main point of discussion, and it helps to give each other time. Talk about it as much as you can until you can finally come to an understanding.

6. Consider your options. No matter what your partner decides, you need to be ready. At this point, you need to discuss how you and your partner will proceed in the relationship.

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