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How to Enjoy Life and Make it Memorable

The world is full of special moments and experiences that are just waiting to be explored. And these pieces of happiness aren’t hidden away in an expensive island or a big diamond ring. It’s right next to you and it’s all round you. Find out how to enjoy life every single day the simple way.

How to enjoy life all the time

If you really want to know how to enjoy life, you need to remember that life can only get better when you sit back and enjoy the real beauty that’s all around you.

1. Stay away from bad friends

You may spend time with friends and meet a lot of people. But at times, some friends could actually cause you more pain and make you feel frustrated all the time.

Do you find yourself putting up with people all the time?

Or is there a particular friend who just doesn’t bother to keep up with their words?

The secret behind knowing how to enjoy life is to refuse to put up with people who want to throw their weight around you. If someone doesn’t call when they promised to call, or they keep canceling date after date, then move on. You want to create a better life, and if that means putting your foot down, then so be it.

You don’t want to compromise on something that will only leave you frustrated and miserable, do you? So bring out your dusters and clean your closet off the dust that does nothing but bother you all time.

By taking a few friends off your life, it could feel emptier, but your life would be happier.

2. Get healthy

This is probably the biggest cross-out of all checklists to happiness. Everyone wants to be in better shape, but a few weeks or months into a strict diet and we’d want to be anywhere but in the fitness centre. Most of us lack the motivation and the drive to hit the iron daily.

If you have a partner, then join a gym or follow the diet plan together. Piling on weight may be the easy part, but losing those pounds needs more than just an alarm bell. You’d love to be around a good-looker, wouldn’t you? What makes you think other people are any different?

Try to follow a routine of working out or running around the park for a few weeks. You’d realize how energetic and happy it would make you only after you try it. When you get your heart rate climbing, you’d feel fitter, confident and so full of endorphins that you’d stop worrying about how to enjoy life.

3. More quality time

Just a couple of decades ago, life was blissfully perfect. Exchanging mails took a few days and reading books while lazing on the hammock was daily routine. But things have changed. Relaxing is a drink after work, and exchanging emails take seconds. Life is fast today, and the time for relaxing just doesn’t exist unless you’re a god of multitasking.

But even in these hectic times, pause your life and step aside if you want to enjoy life. Spend your weekend relaxing or talking with your loved ones. Time passes by too quickly, and before you know it, you may be old and lost without any memories other than counting money.

It’s great to be successful, but at the cost of your happiness? It’s just not worth it. Success makes sense when you have loved ones to share it with. And taking a break now and then would make you happier and feel more connected with your loved ones.

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