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How to Get Fair Skin in One day

Fairness is all about clean and spotless face, simple remedies are mentioned. Firstly, try and do cleansing before sleeping and after that toning. The pollutant that has solid crust on your face leads to darkening and freckles. Clean, cleanse and tone, this is the resolution of the some age-old remedies can make your skin light after one day too, here they are:

  • Yogurt and Lemon:

Go to the shop nearby and buy yogurt, bring it back to home and mix it with lemon juice. Apply evenly on your face for 5 minutes. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. See the glow and fairness after this pack.

Yogurt and Lemon for fair skin

  • Orange and Curd:

When you have the tanned skin, apply this mixture and this is excellent for the skin brightening.

Orange and Curd for Bright Skin
(Pic Source-Hela
  • Compact Powder:

For your face protection and JUST IN A MINUTE radiance, compact powder is easy way. The loose powder is applied on face also protected from UV rays and provided fairness.

Compact Powder for skin fairness
(Pic Source-StyleCraze)
  • Turmeric Face Pack:

For instant fairness, turmeric is timeless remedy from Indian Ayurveda. One has to mix with milk if you have dry skin and mix with yogurt if you have oily skin. A perfect face fairness plan with turmeric. It not cleans the face but heals too.

Turmeric Face Pack for face fairness
(Pic Source-Beauty and Style)

You can have the fairness regime with these packs and also they are inexpensive and can be used easily. Way to fairness is through healthy skin..

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