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How to Get iOS like Control Panel on Your Android Mobile

Android Mobile has a quick setting page, which is very handy and at times it helps to customize your settings. You might be very fond of the Android of its openness but at the same time iOS is more simple and easy to use.

In this article, I am showcasing how to bring Android OS into the iOS look and feel into your android device. The only requirement is that your Android mobile has to run on 2.3 or higher. The ability to swipe the Control Panel on the iOS is pretty handy and the good news is I got some apps, which will transform the Android mobile into iOS pretty smoothly.

  • Quick Control Panel
Quick Control Panel Android App
(Pic Source – Beebom)

Among all the apps on the Android mobile, it is one of the most sorts out app on the Android, it can be accessed through the bottom and one can also access from the lock screen too. Firstly, you have to customize the toggles and then go the respective pages of the toggles and work on it. The things it lacks, it the swipe able pages option from the iOS 10,the other customizable options helps you to change the Control Panel of the Android Mobile and overall look of the mobile . It is the best Mobile App as it works best on the in screen button enabled devices and also it replaces it with Google Now gesture of swiping it.

  • iNoty 10
iNoty 10 Android App
(Pic Source – Beebom)

This app mimics the iOS10 control centre where quick control panel brings own its touch to the Control Panel settings. Enable iNoty Phone and then it changes in the status bar and notifications in iOS 10 style, enable Control Smart and iNoty 10 has dual panels – one is for the various toggles and the shortcuts and the second panel is for the music controls.

Night filter, it also has night filters which enables to add or change the toggles or shortcuts.

However, iNoty10 doesn’t offer only Control Centre App but it offers you good performance and also if you want to have good iOS look for your Android Mobile, it performs well.

  • iLauncher
iLauncher Android App
(Pic Source – Beebom)

This app looks interesting and makes your Android Mobile look like iOS7. It is available In the Play Store and it has an Icon pack and it looks pretty nice. The negative part is, it does not have the parallax background but supports 4 or 5 rows of the applications give a look of iPhone. This app looks interesting and also downloaded by the many users. On the iOS control panel, it supports the major app like Gmail but you won’t be able to download the widgets which you have to compromise in iOS as compared to the Android.

Get Control Center with these Apps

It appears that there are so many apps in the market that offers the iOS like Control Panel for the Android Mobile but the above mentioned apps are good enough for you. The other apps feature a huge series of annoying intrusive ads. However, after the tests and all the best is to get the Quick Control panel for your mobile and for the conversion of Android into the iOS mobile. So, try all these and tell how they perform in your Android mobile and do let us know about it.

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