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How to Get Rid of Painful Back with 5 Yoga Poses?

I changed my sitting so many times in life and now I am shifted to a cubicle and constant sitting causes back pain. In fact, every one of us suffers from back pain as we all sit, we sit during eating and we sit during reading and watching TV. We always SIT.

Yoga is remedy for the extreme bad back pain and some of the poses are given below:

1. Apanasana

  • In this asana, lie on your back with legs and arms extended long.
  • Exhale with both knees on chest and hand around it.
  • Release the shoulder blades down and broaden across the collarbone.
  • Benefit of this asana is that it removes the excess toxins, waste and tension.
(Pic Source – Health Tips)
(Pic Source – Health Tips)

2. Ardha Apanasana

  • Same like Apanasana, lie on the back with arms and legs extended long.
  • Exhale – One knee is clasped to chest and hand on the knee.
  • If you are completed with right leg, then start with left leg.
  • Stay each leg in this pose for 1 minute.
(Pic Source – Yogi
(Pic Source – Yogi

3. Cat & Cow Pose

  • It is a neutral tabletop position, shoulders are well placed over wrists, hips over knees and knee and hips distance is width apart.
  • Exhales in the Cat pose when your body completely relaxed.
  • Repeat this 5 to 10 times.
(Pic Source – Yoga Anonymous)
(Pic Source – Yoga Anonymous)

4. Child’s Pose

  • As the name suggests, it is child pose, it begins in a neutral tabletop position, bring down your knees and sit back on the heels, gently raise the torso to the ground.
  • The arms are drape behind the body with the palms up or extend towards the front of the mat with palms down.
  • Forehead rests on the ground and back of the neck is long.
  • Now close your eyes and breath.
(Pic Source – off your mat)
(Pic Source – off your mat)

5. Rabbit Pose

  • It is almost same as Child’s pose, bring hands to the back of the heels and pull the head towards the knees like a rabbit.
  • Inhale- lifts the hips towards the ceiling, roll onto the crown of the head and press forehead as close to the knees.
  • Hold your breath for 5 – 10 deep breath.
  • Now exhale.
(Pic Source – Yogi
(Pic Source – Yogi

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