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How to Have Beautiful Skin in Few Days

Every women love beauty tips to look more gorgeous. They want their skin be more flawless and hairs to be shinier. So, here are some of the easy beauty tips that every women wants to incorporate in their day-to- day lifestyle to get fair skin:

1. Healthy Food: According to ayurveda, the most important thing to keep in mind for a beauty skin to eat fresh and healthy food, which includes fruits and vegetables both.

Healthy Food for beauty skin

2. Use Green Tea Packs: Green Tea is a nature’s gifted remedy to detoxify our skin. It also helps in reducing swelling and puffiness for the skin and if apply cooled tea packs over our closed eyes it will remove our dark circles.

Green Tea Packs to remove dark circles
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3. Clean Face with Cold Water: Every girl wants their skin be flawless, for this we have to clean our face with cold water and also have to drink at least eight glasses of water for smooth and glowing skin.

Clean Face with Cold Water for glowing skin
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fresh and glowing skin
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4. Use of Cucumber: Cucumber is the single ingredient which resolves many skin problems. By applying cucumber toner, we can easily remove excess oil from the skin.

Use of Cucumber to remove excess oil from the skin
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5. Honey Face Pack: Honey is a natural anti-bacterial treatment and remedy for smooth skin too. Once in a week have to apply honey pack and wash with lukewarm water.

Honey Face Pack for smooth skin
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6. Daily Exercise: For having beautiful skin, have to do regular exercise by doing this it will clean our body toxins through sweating. Doing cardio exercise will boost up our blood circulation.

Daily Exercise
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7. Sleep: Seven or eight hours sleep is necessary for everyone. If we are feeling tired our skin become sagging and also the complexion becomes dark. So, for looking beautiful one have to take atleast seven hours of sleep.

proper sleep
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8. Eat less sugar and salt: Eating too much sugar can make our face look swollen. And taking in excess level of salt can cause us high blood pressure and also water retention. So, have to avoid too much of salt and have glowing skin.

Eat less sugar and salt and have glowing skin
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eat less salt
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