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How to Make Money through Blogging

Everyone looks for tools for earning money and we have seen that the people often lose their hard earned capital in that. Things which pretend to be easy money making machines, when gone in the depth are the fake ones.

Today, I am telling you, how you can make money easily through blogging and content.

But the main point is, how to go about it, you have started a blog thought of making money through it but really don’t know how to make money. There are so many ways to monetize your blog and if you have a blog already and which you have started as a passion and now you are looking for a business purpose, then here are the tips for it.

#Create Blog: If you have one then it’s great and if you don’t have then create one blog. Initially you can have WordPress Blog. Brainstorm a bit about the theme of the blog and the theme has to reflect in the name of the blog.

Suppose, you want to start a blog of food and health, chose the categories and the name accordingly. Keep this in your mind that you want to share your ideas and expert advices. When the process of choosing the domain name is completed, register your domain and you are very lucky as blogging is fairly easy in 2017.

Prior for the business purpose you require lots coding but now it is fairly easy.

How much time it requires to make the blog, if you follow the instructions then it is the task of 20 minutes. You have to decide on the domain name and the theme of the blog, lastly you have to create a content that connects with your readers. The quality has to be maintained and the quality  goes for the images also.

Now your blog is made and the theme is final, start blogging.

Suppose, your blog Is on food and health, start giving tips on weight loss keeping the chocolate and some snacks in the diet, this will not only promote your content but also it is going to bit uncommon but at the same time it has to be authentic and the references has to be there.

Rather being convention go authentic and use fusion content. Do a comprehensive research for the articles and then prepare them.

(Pic Source - Casa de Montaña)
(Pic Source – Casa de Montaña)

#Start finding readers: Good, you have a blog and the articles with you but who will read them.


You have to find them, believe in the power of social network, target your audiences through FB , Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest . The above mentioned social networking sites are most popular currently and by using certain methods you will have a huge audience base for your blog by these sites.

These social sites offer you numerous options like creating page, posting and mailing directly to the audiences and creating maximum traffic for your site.

(Pic Source - ProBlogger)
(Pic Source – ProBlogger)

#Monetize Ads

If your blog is doing is fairly well and you are able to capture audiences , posting articles on the regular basis , then the next step comes i.e. monetize ads, this will create revenues for your blog. It is the most common method by placing ads on your blog.

Google Adsense is one of the popular options for the bloggers to earn money.

There are two types of popular ads:

  1. CPC – Cost per click, the revenue is generated in this ads is through the banners placed on your blogs. On any site, if you see then the ads are placed and if the reader clicks on the banner, then you are paid for the clicks.
  2. CPM Ads : Cost per 1000 impressions , in this you will be paid a fixed amount ,no matter how many people view your ad.
(Pic Source - MobilMindz)
(Pic Source – MobilMindz)

#Create a Market for Your Blog:

By selling private ads space, one can generate revenue for the blog. When your blog is popular and you have enough traffic on your site, the advertisers will approach you directly.

The reason is, your blog is popular and has large number traffic/ audience and the consistency of posting the articles is there. In this option, you won’t have any middle man involvement as you have in the above option mentioned.

You can directly contact the advertisers for the ad placement, which is in the form of banners, buttons or links.

One more option is to write the review or sponsored posts for the advertiser’s product or service. This will be sponsored post and advertiser will pay for this.

The payment for this can be varied and for instance you charge onetime fee for the post and you hosting banner ads then you might charge your partner monthly.

(Pic Source - Social Media Beez)
(Pic Source – Social Media Beez)

#Affiliate Links in your Content

This sounds great and the revenue is also decent in this.

See how affiliate marketing works:

An advertiser wants to sell the product and gives you commission on the each sale that is coming from your site or blog.

A unique link is given to you so that you can track when the buyer used your link to make purchase..

By including unique affiliate link to your site or blog, which can be done through banner ads which are placed in the side of the content or at the heading?

If the reader clicks or buys the product you have recommended, then you will be getting commission on that.

You can use the affiliate marketing though the trusted ad networks like Amazon Associates. You can also have private partnership with the advertising and business who are currently running affiliate program

(Pic Source - webmedia-us)
(Pic Source – webmedia-us)

There are numerous other options too like selling digital products and many more.. Those all will be mentioned in the next article. So tune and earn through blog..

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