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How To Make Sleeping On The Floor More Comfortable?

1. Be prepared. Mentally. Expect the fact that the first few nights will be uncomfortable. Your body might ache a bit as it will be adjusting to the new surface.

2. Choose the right surface. Sleeping on the floor doesn’t have to mean sleeping directly on the ground. You can use multiple materials to soften the surface a bit without eliminating the benefits. You can use a tatami, a mat the Japanese have been using for more than a thousand years. Or you may just use a simple yoga mat.

3. Reconsider your pillow. Don’t sleep on the floor with a whole bunch of pillows. You can use a thin one that elevates your head a bit. Or you can even use your arm to elevate your head. Using too many pillows to prop your head just for the comfort is not the way to go – you may not reap the benefits, and may wake up in the morning with a neck ache instead.

4. You can even place a pillow under your knees (if sleeping on your back) if required.

5. Choose the right sleeping position. Sleeping on your side, your stomach, or even your back – all are good. It only depends on what works for you. Experiment with different positions. Ensure you are not sleeping in too much pain. The spine should be properly aligned.

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