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How To Move Multiple Apps At Once On iPhone

iOS’s famous jiggle mode, invoked by holding an app until the icons on the Home screen start shaking and wriggling like they’re doing a dance, lets you drag an app to a new position, move an app between pages, quickly create a folder by dragging an app onto another app and more.

On older iOS editions, you could only move a single app at a time. On iOS 11 and later, jiggle mode takes full advantage of drag and drop functionality, allowing you to move a bundle of apps at once, create a folder from multiple apps and more.

For example, you could easily gather all those games scattered across multiple pages on your Home screen in an app bundle to move them to a new position in one fell swoop, quickly create a folder from your app bundle and more—without needing to manage the arrangement of your Home screens in iTunes or move the apps individually like an animal.

Here’s how you can move multiple apps on your iPhone and iPad’s Home screen.

1) Press the Home button to get to your Home screen.

2) Tap and hold any app to enter iOS’s standard icon jiggle mode. Now move your finger slightly in any direction until the “x” in the app’s top-left corner vanishes, as evidenced on the screenshot below.

3) Without releasing the finger, tap each app you’d like to move together with the selected app.

You’ll notice that apps are instantly added to your bundle as you tap them, with the live-updated badge denoting the number of apps in the bundle.

You can drag the bundle around like you would any other app and even move it between different pages to add additional apps as you go through.

4) Drag the bundle to a new position, then let go.

5) Press the Home button again to exit the icon jiggle mode.

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