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How to Patch Up After Break Up?

Relationship is love and passion between two people and a connection too..

 Small tussles often erupt in the relationships as it is spicy mix of emotions. As we all know, love is a strange affection which brings us close to each other and sometimes it push us away. But in Relationship fight leads to serious breakups but after sometimes both the persons after that they realize their mistakes. Breakups and Patch ups are the part of relationship. ‘SORRY has just five letters but great strength…Let’s Patch up’..

So, here we discuss some of the facts about: “Is really patched up successful after breakup”.

  1. Clear all the Differences

In a relationship, first we have to clear all differences and also to forgive each other for the past issues. Don’t cover up old fights and don’t keep them unresolved because unresolved issues will creep in slowly and might destroy everything.

Clear all the Differences
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  1. Giving Space

In a relationship, the most crucial part is invading space which leads to stress and creates small misunderstandings. Always hanging on with each other, gives a feeling of suffocation, just have couple of hobbies or outing without each other but that doesn’t mean that you are drifting apart but you are just being yourselves. This also balances the relationship.

Giving Space
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  1. Don’t pile up

For patching up in a relationship, first thing we do not fill negative thoughts in our mind and whatever the issues have to clear it out at the same day.

Don’t pile up
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  1. Love Conquers

If you both are in love then forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.

Love Conquers
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  1. In the end don’t play games

If in your mind, it is something like that, flirting helps, it never helps. Infact it destroys the relationship. Instead of playing these mind games try to be honest, open and clear in the relationship, my experience says, IT REALLY HELPS..

In the end don’t play games
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“War is not the answer because only Love can conquer Hate” – Marvin Gaye..

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